Jan. 6—Jan. 6, 1933

Beach highway dispute heard by Judge M’Kay

Injunction proceedings brought by CH Sunderland and Mrs. Emma Beglinger against the city of Superior were in Judge Archie McKay’s hands Friday afternoon. After several hours of argument by attorneys the judge took under advisement the matter of whether or not he should restrain the city from continuing construction of a road from Osaugee beach to Wisconsin point.

The unemployed, working under orders from the city, have been building a road from Osaugee beach to Independence park, a six-acre tract owned by the city on Wisconsin point. The road passes through an undivided 20 acres in which five-eighths of the ownership rests with the plaintiffs, Mr. Sunderland and Mrs. Beglinger. The remainder of the ownership rests with the city. Work has been discontinued under a temporary order issued by Judge McKay which will be in effect until the judge makes his ruling on the hearing held Friday.

Newlyweds flee Nebagamon fire: Damage is $14,000

After arriving home from their honeymoon trip only a day or two ago, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan D. Persons were sent into a wintry night by fire that completely gutted the home of DH Persons, father of the groom, at 3:45 o’clock Friday morning. Before help could be summoned the home of Mayor George Knudson, next door, was also razed. The newlyweds saved only the clothes they were wearing, all of the furnishings and personal effects of the home, including the wedding presents, being destroyed.

The fire had gained considerable headway before the young bride, awakened by partial suffocation from the invading smoke, became aware of the danger and awakened her husband. The couple escaped to the street, taking refuge in the South Shore depot a few steps away.

Harlan Persons and Miss Iran Northrup were married last week at the home of the bride in Minneapolis and after a few days’ honeymoon trip returned to Nebagamon in time for Mr. Persons to renew his work as teacher of the Hazel Prairie school on the south shore of Lake Nebagamon.

Jan. 6, 1998

Suspects sought in Oliver theft attempt

Authorities are seeking at least two men in connection with an apparent burglary attempt early this morning at the S & E Bar in Oliver.

According to reports at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department: Owner Edward D. Carlson was awakened by an audible alarm in his residence around 4 am when someone broke a storm window on the business, located on State Highway 105.

The suspects are described as heavily built white males in their late teens to early 20s, about 6 feet tall, driving a small, two-door car, similar to a Ford Mustang II.

Two teens plead in Cathedral case

Two Superior teenagers have pleaded guilty in Douglas County Circuit Court to charges in connection with a burglary at the Cathedral School last fall.

Joseph A. Morro, 17, and Jesse L. Schaffer, 18, were accused of breaking into the school overnight on Oct. 27, 1997. School offices and a classroom were damaged during the incident and a trophy and other small items were stolen. The Cathedral of Christ the King and a nearby bus shelter were spray-painted with graffiti, including gang symbols.

Prosecutor James Boughner said he is seeking jail sentences of up to six months for both teens as a condition of probation.

During Morro’s hearing this morning, Judge Joseph McDonald said he may also impose 100 hours of community service in each case, which would include removing graffiti around Superior.

Jan. 7, 1933

Question four Duluthians in theft of wood

Four New Duluth men were questioned Saturday by Assistant Dist. Atty. A. Walter Dahl in connection with the cutting of several hundred cords of wood on Douglas county land west of Oliver near the St. Louis river without permission of the county.

The men, Joe Hennes, Louis Sebik, WH Smerdon and Peter Lkis, were arrested Saturday morning by Deputy Sheriffs Arthur Sedin and Patrick McDermott.

Deputy Sheriff Sedin reported that there is at least 100 cords of wood cut and piled at the scene of the cutting and that there was evidence that considerable more wood had been hauled away. The men arrested were at the scene of the cutting.

Jan. 8, 1998

Asbestos cleanup under way

Students returning to classes after Christmas break are often greeted with squeaky clean surfaces like freshly waxed floors. A cleanup completed recently at one school and planned at two others may not be readily visible, but should improve the health of the building’s occupants.

The cleanup involved asbestos debris removed from tunnels beneath Pattison School over the holidays.

The majority of the hazardous material in the district’s older schools is the result of asbestos insulation that has decayed and fallen off water pipes in crawl spaces under the buildings.

Jan. 9, 1933

Stealing rides must be ended says police chief

Co-operation of automobile and bus drivers in keeping youngsters from hooking rides is asked by Police Chief AE Buchanan.

“We’ve received numerous complaints that young boys are hooking rides as cars or buses stop for arterial highways. Someone is liable to get hurt. We would appreciate if drivers would stop and order these boys off their cars when they see that they have hooked on.”

News in brief

Food theft charged — Fred Stoffen, 28, Solon Springs, was arrested Monday by Deputy Leo Lord on a charge of stealing a quantity of canned goods from the WF Hill cottage at Solon Springs.

Store robbed — Sheriff Frank Carlson Monday reported that the George Karnas store at Dewey was broken into over the weekend and robbed of $11.55 in cash and three cartons of cigarettes. Entrance was gained through a window.

Articles and pictures courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet with Superior Public Library.

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